April 21, 2016
Valley Loop Trail to Half Dome Village
Total distance: 2.8 miles

One of our favorite things to do each spring is to see the dogwood trees in bloom in Yosemite Valley.


Two years ago we went in May and the trees were still blooming.  Last year we were a little late to see much.  This year Chris and I visited in April and were not disappointed.


We parked at Yosemite Valley Chapel.


From the chapel lawn the iconic Yosemite Falls could be seen and heard roaring down the mountain.


Behind the chapel lies the Valley Loop Trail.  We walked from there to Curry Half Dome Village.


In the village stood a myriad of blooming dogwood trees.



After lunch on the pizza deck, we returned to the trail stopping to look at the swift moving Merced River.


It was another remarkable spring day in Yosemite National Park.

Leaving Half Dome Village.

12 thoughts on “Dogwoods

  1. Janet… Your hikes are starting to influence my thoughts. I have two hikes I want to do. I’m not sure yet if I am searching them out or they have picked me to be put on the summer “lets do list”. All I know is hiking makes me think of you and good times. BTW: Dogwoods are one of my favorite trees! Your pictures are beautiful.

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      1. Yes, I did. There are many legends. Some from modern times and some biblical. Some are funny and some serious, but none are substantiated.

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  2. Beautiful! The trees are absolutely gorgeous and it is so nice to see water flowing in the park. Thank you for sharing, seeing the photo of the chapel brings back so many fond memories of being in Yosemite. Hope you are doing well.

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  3. How lovely. I enjoy seeing blooms like these in blogs–it feels like you can almost smell them. And I have seen the Merced River when visiting Melinda! That felt like an old-home moment.

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