List of Hikes

Below is a list of hikes I’ve taken.  Click on a link to bring you to the corresponding blog post.

2021 Hikes

May Lake, Yosemite National Park
Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park
McGurk Meadow, Yosemite National Park
George Miller Regional Trail, Martinez, CA: Water Scenes
Tuolumne Grove, Yosemite: Joy of the Morning
Loop Hike, Black Diamond Regional Mines Preserve: The Northern Foothills
Star Mine Loop, Black Diamond Regional Mines Preserve: A Bygone Mining Community
Hite’s Cove Trail, Mariposa County: The Hills Are Alive

2020 Hikes

Stockton Creek Trail, Mariposa: Opt Outside 2020
Black Diamond Regional Mines Preserve: Rolling Hills

Valley Loop trail to El Capitan, Yosemite: Monday Morning
Sentinel Dome and Taft Point Loop, Yosemite: A Hazy Day
Yosemite Valley: It’s Beginning to Look Like Fall

Lembert Dome and Dog Lake, Yosemite: As a Crow Flies
Tenaya Lake Loop, Yosemite: Lake Views

Yosemite Valley: The Legend of Hum-mo
Tuolumne Grove, Yosemite: Surprises and Delights
Mariposa Grove, Yosemite: The Faithful Couple
Yosemite Valley: The B List
May Lake, Yosemite: Fear

Taft and Washburn Points, Yosemite: Granite
Gaylor Lakes and the Great Sierra Mine, Yosemite: The Road Less Traveled
Yosemite Valley Loop, bike riding: The Change

My Neighborhood: Time

Cook’s Meadow Loop, Yosemite: A Sunset Stroll

Contra Loma Reservoir Shore Trail: A Little Mud on Our Shoes
Yosemite Valley trails: Quiet and Still

Hikes (In Yosemite) prior to 2020

Alder Creek Fall, 11/2013
Bridalveil Creek Trail, 7/2014
Carlon Falls, 5/2012
Cathedral Lake, Lower, 10/2017
Cathedral Lake, Upper, 7/2014
Chilnualna Falls, 4/2019
Chilnualna Falls, 3/2013
Clark Range View Trail, 2/2013
Dog Lake, 11/2013
Elizabeth Lake, 10/2016
Elizabeth Lake, 9/2012
Four Mile Trail to Union Point, 5/2018
Gaylor Lakes, 8/2012
Gaylor Lakes and the Great Sierra Mine, 6/2018
Glacier Point to Taft Point, 7/2015
Trail to Glen Aulin, 8/2019
Granite Lakes, 8/2013
Happy Isles and up the hidden horse trail, 5/2018
Happy Isles, 6/2017
Hardin Lake, 7/2014
Hetch Hetchy, 5/2012
Little Nellie Falls, 2/2016
Lower Yosemite Falls, 2/2018
Lukens Lake, 9/2018
Lukens Lake, 8/2015
Lukens Lake, 5/2013
McGurk Meadow, 7/2019
McGurk Meadow, 7/2013
McGurk Meadow to Dewey Point, 8/2017
Merced Grove of Giant Sequoias, 5/2014
Mirror Lake, 10/2012
Mirror Lake and Tenaya Creek Loop, 9/2018
Mirror Lake Loop Trail, 4/2017
Mirror Lake Loop Trail, 12/2013
Mist Trail, 11/2013
Mono Meadow Trail, 11/2012
Mono Pass, 8/2012
Mt. Hoffman, 8/2012
Murphy Creek Trail, 11/2014
Nevada Fall via John Muir Trail, 4/2015
Ostrander Lake, 11/2018
Pohono Trail to Crocker Point, 11/2013
Pohono Trail to Dewey Point, 6/2012
Porcupine Creek Trail to Indian Rock and North Dome, 9/2016
Rockefeller Grove Trail, 1/2016
Sentinel and Cook’s Meadow Loop, 5/2012
Sentinel Dome, 6/2019
Sentinel Dome, 11/2012
Sentinel Dome, 7/2012
Snow Creek Trail, 11/2012
Spillway Lake, 7/2017
Spillway Lake, 7/2012
Spillway Lake, 6/2012
Swinging Bridge, 3/2014
Taft Point from Sentinel Dome, 8/2015
Tuolumne Meadows to Lyell Canyon, 7/2016
Upper Yosemite Falls Trail, 1/2014
Valley Floor Loop, 5/2012
Valley Loop Trail: Yosemite Chapel to Half Dome Village, 4/2016
Wapama Falls, 10/2012
Waterfalls: Bridalveil, Sentinel, Yosemite, Illilouette, Vernal, Cascade; 5/2014
Wawona High Loop, 12/2013
Westfall Meadows, 6/2014
Vernal Fall Footbridge, 3/2018
Yosemite Valley Trail, 9/2013
Yosemite Valley, West End Loop, 5/2017

Hikes (Not Yosemite)

Below is a list of hikes I’ve taken outside of Yosemite National Park.  Click on a link to bring you to the corresponding blog post.

Black Diamond Regional Mines Preserve , 4/2012
Ahwahnee Hills Regional Park, 4/2014
Ansel Adams Wilderness, 6/2014
Black Diamond Regional Mines Preserve, 1/2015
Buck Ridge Trail, Hensley Lake, 3/2019
Bull Valley Trail, Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline, 1/2016
Carlon Meadow, 5/2012
Cypress Grove Trail, Point Lobos State Reserve, 1/2013
Deer Lake in the Lakes Basin Area, 10/2012
Empire Mine Road, Antioch, CA, 1/2017
Falls Trail Loop at Mt. Diablo State Park, 11/2015
Grass Lake in the Lakes Basin Area, 7/2019
Hite Cove Trail, 3/2013
John Muir Nature Trail & Mt. Wanda, 2/2017
Laughton Glacier Trail, Alaska 6/2016
Lewis Creek to Corlieu Falls, 7/2017
Lion Point, 9/2013
Merced River Canyon, 4/2012
Merced River Trail, 4/2017
Merced River Trail, 3/2014
Pendola Gardens Road, 5/2012
Red Hills Trails, 4/2013
Savage-Lundy Trail, 5/2015
Sivel’s Orchard, 9/2013
South Tufa Trail at Mono Lake, 7/2016
Star Mine Trail, Black Diamond Regional Mines Preserve, 3/2015
Stockton Creek Preserve, Lower Trail, 11/2018
Stockton Creek Preserve, Lower Trail, 1/2018
Tioga Lake, 6/2015
Tioga Lake, 7/2012

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