2012-2020 Hikes

Below is a list of hikes I’ve taken.  Click on a link to bring you to the corresponding blog post.

November 2020

Stockton Creek Trail, Mariposa: Opt Outside 2020
Black Diamond Regional Mines Preserve: Rolling Hills

October 2020

Valley Loop trail to El Capitan, Yosemite: Monday Morning
Sentinel Dome and Taft Point Loop, Yosemite: A Hazy Day
Yosemite Valley: It’s Beginning to Look Like Fall

September 2020

Lembert Dome and Dog Lake, Yosemite: As a Crow Flies
Tenaya Lake Loop, Yosemite: Lake Views

August 2020

Yosemite Valley: The Legend of Hum-mo
Tuolumne Grove, Yosemite: Surprises and Delights
Mariposa Grove, Yosemite: The Faithful Couple
Yosemite Valley: The B List
May Lake, Yosemite: Fear

June 2020

Taft and Washburn Points, Yosemite: Granite
Gaylor Lakes and the Great Sierra Mine, Yosemite: The Road Less Traveled
Yosemite Valley Loop, bike riding: The Change

March 2020

My Neighborhood: Time

February 2020

Cook’s Meadow Loop, Yosemite: A Sunset Stroll

January 2020

Contra Loma Reservoir Shore Trail: A Little Mud on Our Shoes
Yosemite Valley trails: Quiet and Still

Hikes (In Yosemite)

Alder Creek Fall, 11/2013
Bridalveil Creek Trail, 7/2014
Carlon Falls, 5/2012
Cathedral Lake, Lower, 10/2017
Cathedral Lake, Upper, 7/2014
Chilnualna Falls, 4/2019
Chilnualna Falls, 3/2013
Clark Range View Trail, 2/2013
Dog Lake, 11/2013
Elizabeth Lake, 10/2016
Elizabeth Lake, 9/2012
Four Mile Trail to Union Point, 5/2018
Gaylor Lakes, 8/2012
Gaylor Lakes and the Great Sierra Mine, 6/2018
Glacier Point to Taft Point, 7/2015
Trail to Glen Aulin, 8/2019
Granite Lakes, 8/2013
Happy Isles and up the hidden horse trail, 5/2018
Happy Isles, 6/2017
Hardin Lake, 7/2014
Hetch Hetchy, 5/2012
Little Nellie Falls, 2/2016
Lower Yosemite Falls, 2/2018
Lukens Lake, 9/2018
Lukens Lake, 8/2015
Lukens Lake, 5/2013
McGurk Meadow, 7/2019
McGurk Meadow, 7/2013
McGurk Meadow to Dewey Point, 8/2017
Merced Grove of Giant Sequoias, 5/2014
Mirror Lake, 10/2012
Mirror Lake and Tenaya Creek Loop, 9/2018
Mirror Lake Loop Trail, 4/2017
Mirror Lake Loop Trail, 12/2013
Mist Trail, 11/2013
Mono Meadow Trail, 11/2012
Mono Pass, 8/2012
Mt. Hoffman, 8/2012
Murphy Creek Trail, 11/2014
Nevada Fall via John Muir Trail, 4/2015
Ostrander Lake, 11/2018
Pohono Trail to Crocker Point, 11/2013
Pohono Trail to Dewey Point, 6/2012
Porcupine Creek Trail to Indian Rock and North Dome, 9/2016
Rockefeller Grove Trail, 1/2016
Sentinel and Cook’s Meadow Loop, 5/2012
Sentinel Dome, 6/2019
Sentinel Dome, 11/2012
Sentinel Dome, 7/2012
Snow Creek Trail, 11/2012
Spillway Lake, 7/2017
Spillway Lake, 7/2012
Spillway Lake, 6/2012
Swinging Bridge, 3/2014
Taft Point from Sentinel Dome, 8/2015
Tuolumne Meadows to Lyell Canyon, 7/2016
Upper Yosemite Falls Trail, 1/2014
Valley Floor Loop, 5/2012
Valley Loop Trail: Yosemite Chapel to Half Dome Village, 4/2016
Wapama Falls, 10/2012
Waterfalls: Bridalveil, Sentinel, Yosemite, Illilouette, Vernal, Cascade; 5/2014
Wawona High Loop, 12/2013
Westfall Meadows, 6/2014
Vernal Fall Footbridge, 3/2018
Yosemite Valley Trail, 9/2013
Yosemite Valley, West End Loop, 5/2017

Hikes (Not Yosemite)

Below is a list of hikes I’ve taken outside of Yosemite National Park.  Click on a link to bring you to the corresponding blog post.

Black Diamond Regional Mines Preserve , 4/2012
Ahwahnee Hills Regional Park, 4/2014
Ansel Adams Wilderness, 6/2014
Black Diamond Regional Mines Preserve, 1/2015
Buck Ridge Trail, Hensley Lake, 3/2019
Bull Valley Trail, Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline, 1/2016
Carlon Meadow, 5/2012
Cypress Grove Trail, Point Lobos State Reserve, 1/2013
Deer Lake in the Lakes Basin Area, 10/2012
Empire Mine Road, Antioch, CA, 1/2017
Falls Trail Loop at Mt. Diablo State Park, 11/2015
Grass Lake in the Lakes Basin Area, 7/2019
Hite Cove Trail, 3/2013
John Muir Nature Trail & Mt. Wanda, 2/2017
Laughton Glacier Trail, Alaska 6/2016
Lewis Creek to Corlieu Falls, 7/2017
Lion Point, 9/2013
Merced River Canyon, 4/2012
Merced River Trail, 4/2017
Merced River Trail, 3/2014
Pendola Gardens Road, 5/2012
Red Hills Trails, 4/2013
Savage-Lundy Trail, 5/2015
Sivel’s Orchard, 9/2013
South Tufa Trail at Mono Lake, 7/2016
Star Mine Trail, Black Diamond Regional Mines Preserve, 3/2015
Stockton Creek Preserve, Lower Trail, 11/2018
Stockton Creek Preserve, Lower Trail, 1/2018
Tioga Lake, 6/2015
Tioga Lake, 7/2012


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