December 7, 2013

We awoke to a scenic winter wonderland.  Snow!  Overnight snow fell softly and gently covering the area with a velvety blanket of white.   It is unusual here in the foothills of California to get so much snow. 

A snowy oak tree.
A snowy oak tree behind the house.

All was quiet at 8 AM when Andrew and I bundled up, strapped on snowshoes and headed down the frosty road.

The road, as yet untouched.
Fresh snow untouched on the road.

We shuffled through the powdery virgin snow feeling jolly, so I began to belt out a chorus of “Jingle Bells”.  My horrified son would not join in and begged me to stop.

Singing through the neighborhood.
Singing through the neighborhood.

When we returned home from our first-ever snowshoe trek up and down the neighborhood backroads, we let our two rambunctious dogs out to play.


They pranced through the snow topped yard chasing frozen snowballs that we threw to them.

Ginger like fetching the stick better than the snowballs.
Ginger preferred fetching the stick better than the snowballs.

We built a snowman in front of the house.

Building the base.
Building the base.

Once the snowman was finished, Pepper jumped on it trying to eat its carrot nose, knocking it to the ground.  We reassembled the jersey-clad football fan as shimmering snowflakes fell from the sky.

A kiss on the cheek.
A kiss for luck.

Snow!  How blessed we were to have received plenty of it!

11 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Wow! You weren’t kidding when you said you had a lot of snow. It’s BEAUTIFUL! That’s got to be a record amount since you’ve lived there. Hopefully, it’ll stay around for a while so you can continue to enjoy it. Did Ginger eat the snowman’s nose, or just knock it down?



  2. I LOVE WINTER, and I am so glad that you are able to enjoy YOUR SNOW, and give that big tall handsome young man of yours, a bit of advice…there will come a day when he will sing and embarrass HIS OWN CHILDREN 🙂


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