How To Beat Summer’s Heat

June 21, 2017
Happy Isles
Total distance walked: 2.20 miles

The first day of summer saw the mercury hit triple digits, a scorching 104 degrees.  Chris came up with a perfect plan to beat the heat: head to Yosemite and hike to Sentinel Dome, then have a picnic at Glacier Point.  At 8,000 feet, that area of Yosemite was bound to be cooler than home.

We wound our way up the road and spotted a black plume of smoke rising above the trees and wafting over the forest.  Traffic came to a stand still, so I turned off the car.  Little black ashes drifted in through the open windows.  Chris—who has extinguished many types of fire— guessed that it was a car fire.  We couldn’t see the blaze but heard popping sounds and thunderous grenade-like booms.  He explained that the sounds could be breaking glass, exploding car tires or bursting compressed cylinders. Continue reading “How To Beat Summer’s Heat”