Spillway Lake

August 11, 2022
Spillway Lake
Total distance walked: 8.5 miles

Spillway Lake is one of my favorite places in the high-country. Back in August 2022, Vivian—my hiking partner for the day—and I left town early to reach the trailhead on the east side of Yosemite National Park.

Trailhead parking is at the Mono Pass lot along Tioga Road.

I’m drawn to this area repeatedly because of its beauty. If my trip is timed appropriately, there will be an array of vibrant wildflowers to see. All of nature is in harmony here creating a feast for the eyes and memories that invite me to return.


On the walk, you see deep dark pines blending with a variety of verdant grasses.

Looking east.

One of my favorite views are the taller ghost white peaks peering over the mottled mountains.


A large, twisted tree has split open displaying its rich, rustic interior.


And then there are the meadows with wide-open vistas of not-so-distant mountains.



If you have a day to venture into the high country, I recommend the walk to Spillway Lake where you can build your own colorful memories of the mountains, trees and meadows.

Spillway Lake
Spillway Lake

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