Mirror Lake

May 4, 2022
Mirror Lake
Total distance walked: 3.2 miles

On the first Wednesday of each month my photo group and I get together for photoshoots. This May we chose to photograph the dogwood blooms in Yosemite. Much to our dismay we were too late, the blooms were gone. Instead, we photographed whatever caught our eye as we hiked the horse trail to Mirror Lake.

The group.
The trail.
Half Dome. Do you see the face of Tissiak?
Mirror Lake

On the return hike, two of us took a separate way back from the group. Lucky us, we found a couple of trees that still had its blooms.

The last of the creamy-blossomed dogwoods.

Even though we missed seeing the springtime show of dogwood blooms, it was still a pleasant morning spent with friends enjoying the priceless natural beauty of Yosemite.

10 thoughts on “Mirror Lake

  1. Janet, Your website is wonderful. You share so much knowledge of the wildflowers and history of the area. I miss all of the wonderful hikes. Love the new reference point that we can go back and view other hikes. You are so professional. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

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