Views Featuring Yosemite Falls

April 22, 2021
Valley Loop from Swinging Bridge
Total distance walked: 5.0 miles

Wordless Wednesday

A view of Yosemite Falls and the Merced River from Swinging Bridge.
My son and his family.
A view of Upper, Middle and Lower Yosemite Falls from the Lower Falls trail.
At Lower Yosemite Falls.
View from the spot where John Muir had his cabin.
Heading towards Yosemite Village on the bike path.
View from the bike path.
He loves being tossed in the air.
Under the pink dogwood along Executive Row.
View of Half Dome from under the pink dogwood.
View from Sentinel Meadow.

11 thoughts on “Views Featuring Yosemite Falls

    1. Hi Erynn. Thank you! I think so too. LOL Thanks for the comment. Yes, pretty much anything in the valley is good since it’s flat. Hope you and your family are well.


  1. I love these photos–Nature being so enjoyed! I have liked your last several posts too. But I have had trouble getting comments to post. And now, at least, I can post but nor via my WordPress account. I am hoping to take a drive through Yosemite in a couple weeks. Thanks for sharing your hikes! I hope you are stayiong cool.

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