Opt Outside 2018

November 24, 2018
Stockton Creek Trail
Total distance walked: 3.10 miles

After eating all of the good food and special treats on Thanksgiving Day,  my sister, niece and I opted outdoors that weekend by taking a short hike along the Stockton Creek Trail in Mariposa County.

Gracia and Nikki

A long-awaited rain fell just a few days prior, so we were uncertain what condition we’d find the trail.  We prepared for mud, however, the dirt was hard-packed and the only obstacles were the opaque puddles.

Reflection of an oak tree in a puddle.

We walked up to the water—a 440 acre-foot reservoir on Stockton Creek owned by MPUD—and back.

The reservoir.

This quick hike was the perfect length and made for a good ending to the Thanksgiving weekend festivities.

Image credit: Nikki.


7 thoughts on “Opt Outside 2018

  1. Nice pictures of the three of you. I didn’t realize that Nikki was so much taller than Gracia. The picture of the upside down tree was fascinating.

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  2. What a great way to end the Thanksgiving Weekend. Better than watching football or even taking a nap! I especially love the tree reflection photo. Thanks for letting us tag along. Happy New Year!

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