Little Green Apples in Sivel’s Orchard

September 6, 2013
Sivel’s Orchard
Total distance: 3 miles

Today I joined a group of senior citizens as they walked their dogs down a secluded back road in the Sierra National Forest.

The Seniors' Hiking Group heading down the road.
The Seniors’ Hiking Group heading down the road.

Three friends and I (two of whom belong to the Sierra Hiking Seniors Group) met early in the morning and carpooled to the group’s meeting site, a grocery store parking lot. After quick introductions, we drove to the hiking destination: Sivel’s Orchard—a 100-year old abandoned apple orchard.  It was my first time hiking with this group (some of whom brought their dogs) and I rather enjoyed myself.

On the trail.
On the trail.

The rambunctious dogs bound forward when we headed out on the dusty trail.  With pricked ears they came running back to their master’s call knowing that a treat was in store.

Approached in the orchard.
Approaching the orchard.

The walk through the shaded forest was pleasant, and I enjoyed meeting and talking with several women, all who love hiking.

An apple tree.
An apple tree.

But the highlight of the morning was walking through the sunlit orchard where apples, pears and plums grew.


Many people picked bags full of the little green apples.  I took a few as well, enough to make a big bowl of applesauce.

Soon to be applesauce.
Soon to be applesauce.

Afterwards, the spent dogs sprawled in the dirt as the coordinators of the hike treated us to snacks and drinks.

There were several thistles in the orchard.
There were several thistles in the orchard.

I hope to continue participating in the Friday Hikes with this energetic group of elders and their dogs.

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