Little Did We Know

June 27, 2013

I sit here unable to hike due to injured extremities.  Summer isn’t panning out the way I thought with a hike a week, tackling new trails in Yosemite National Park.  Instead I read other’s trail journals, browse old photos and reminisce about the unforgettable past.

Little did we know during our first visit in 1996 to Yosemite National Park, how big a role it would play in our future.

The family in Yosemite, April 1996.
The family in Yosemite, April 1996.

As we walked through the valley viewing the spectacular Yosemite Falls for the first time, the thought never crossed our minds that we’d be so blessed to one day live near this gem.  As a family, we changed but the falls have stayed the same.

Yosemite Falls, 1996.
Yosemite Falls, 1996.

With kids in tow, we hiked up the Mist Trail hoping to view the impressive Vernal Fall (no photos).  Chris and I didn’t realize then that one day, we’d  be spending hours hiking throughout Yosemite’s wilderness, communing with nature and enjoying the flora and fauna of God’s country.

Cook's Meadow, 2007.
Cook’s Meadow, 2007.

Little did we know that we’d become amateur guides for family and friends to our nation’s crown jewel of parks so they, too, could experience its beauty and splendor.

Janet & Dad, Glacier Point, November 2010.
Janet & Dad, Glacier Point, November 2010.

And that Yosemite would be our winter playground…

Andrew on the frozen Tenaya Lake, December 2011.
Andrew on the frozen Tenaya Lake, December 2011.

…and our daughter’s first place of employment with the National Park Service.

Yosemite Ranger Julia, 2012.
Yosemite Ranger Julia, 2012.
Janet and future ranger Julia, 1996.

Oh Yosemite, how dear it is to me!  I hope to be back hiking when these physical ailments are resolved.  Until then, I will be content with many precious memories.

11 thoughts on “Little Did We Know

  1. What a surprise seeing another blog when I knew you hadn’t been hiking. But what a joy seeing all the old pictures again. Wow! The kids have really grown up. I hope your knee and foot mend soon so you can start enjoying the trails again and I can enjoy more vicarious hikes.



  2. How resourceful to turn your convalescence to such a fine use! I love the family photographs, and your meditation on all the joys that have sprung from your first encounter with this beautiful and aw-inspiring place.
    Congratulations to your daughter on becoming a ranger–that’s splendid.


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