The Hills Are Alive

March 23, 2021
Hite’s Cove Trail to Lookout Rock
Total distance walked: 2 miles

Spring has sprung.  Brilliant wildflowers carpet the hillsides through Merced Canyon.  Our hope—my friend Cari and I—was to see the sumptuous display up close on a stroll along Hite’s Cove Trail. 


God, the best cultivator of wildflower gardens blessed us abundantly that day.

Enter the trail through a tunnel of trees.

The narrow path brought us alongside vibrant orange poppies, “a concentration of color,” says Yosemite Ranger Shelton Johnson. 



Pops of purple from burgeoning blue dicks and beautiful baby blue eyes grew among the poppies. 

Blue dick
Poppies and baby blue eyes.

Embellishing the route were tiny white popcorn flowers and sticky fiesta flowers.  Deep blue lupine was just beginning to bloom.  Red maids, goldfields and owl’s clover were spread throughout. Dainty woodland stars and bold shooting stars were spotted here and there.

Shooting stars

Sunshine unfurled the flowers and caused a drip of perspiration down my back. It warmed the earth secreting the sweet smells of spring. 


 A thousand feet below, the “Wild and Scenic” South Fork River rumbled through the canyon.

Below the trail: the river, goldfields and poppies.

The hills were alive!  Sharing this spectacular debut of wildflowers with my friend who enjoys the glory of nature, was a blessing.  It was a lovely day.


“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” — Luther Burbank