Backpacking & Camping

Below is a list of backpacking and camping trips I’ve taken inside and outside of Yosemite National Park.  Click on a link to bring you to the corresponding blog post.

Glen Aulin, 6/2013
Glen Aulin/Cold Canyon, 6/2012
John Muir Trail Day 1–Tuolumne Meadow to Lyell Canyon, 9/2018
John Muir Trail Day 2–Lyell Canyon to Rush Creek. 9/2018
John Muir Trail Day 3–Rush Creek to Shadow Creek, 9/2018
John Muir Trail Day 4–Shadow Creek to Trinity Lakes, 9/2018
John Muir Trail Day 5–Trinity Lakes to Reds Meadow Resort, 9/2018
Lakes Basin, 10/2012
Lyell Canyon, 9/2016
Lyell Canyon, 8/2014
Sandy Flat Campground, 11/2015
Sandy Flat Campground, 9/2012
Seville Lake, 6/2015
Waterwheel Falls, 7/2016
White Wolf, 8/2015