2020 Hikes

Below is a list of hikes I’ve taken during the year 2020.  Click on a link to bring you to the corresponding blog post.

September 2020

Tenaya Lake Loop, Yosemite: Lake Views

August 2020

Yosemite Valley: The Legend of Hum-mo
Tuolumne Grove, Yosemite: Surprises and Delights
Mariposa Grove, Yosemite: The Faithful Couple
Yosemite Valley: The B List
May Lake, Yosemite: Fear

June 2020

Taft and Washburn Points, Yosemite: Granite
Gaylor Lakes and the Great Sierra Mine, Yosemite: The Road Less Traveled
Yosemite Valley Loop, bike riding: The Change

March 2020

My Neighborhood: Time

February 2020

Cook’s Meadow Loop, Yosemite: A Sunset Stroll

January 2020

Contra Loma Reservoir Shore Trail: A Little Mud on Our Shoes
Yosemite Valley trails: Quiet and Still